The Network Edition of the Complete Psychoanalytic Writings of Sándor Ferenczi

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The International Sándor Ferenczi Network (ISFN) of individuals, societies, study centers, and allied institutions was founded in Toronto (CA) in 2015, and legally established in Florence (IT) in 2016, with the aim to further the development of psychoanalysis along the lines anticipated by Sándor Ferenczi.

As an outgrowth of our 2018 conference in Florence, a committee has been formed to begin work on a new English language edition of Ferenczi’s writings. The current three-volume edition of Contributions is incomplete and inadequate, and no definitive edition exists in any other language. The English edition, particularly in the first volume, is often incorrect, not well translated, and lacking passages from Ferenczi’s original texts. Because this is a project sponsored by, and undertaken on behalf of, the International Sándor Ferenczi Network, and we want to proceed in the spirit of mutuality exemplified by Ferenczi himself, we are calling this the “Network Edition.”

In 2020 the ISFN Board approved the Network Edition project, envisioning this as an indispensable foundation for future research and scholarship regarding Ferenczi, and the culmination of the “Ferenczi renaissance” that began with the publication of the Clinical Diary in 1985.

On November 9, 2020, further support of the editorial project was given by the ISFN General Assembly, which approved its financing through fundraising.

On November 21, 2021, a contract was signed with Phoenix Publishing House Ltd.


  • A complete bibliography
  • The translation of previously untranslated papers from Hungarian or German into English
  • New translations of already translated papers, as needed, from Hungarian or German into English
  • An editorial apparatus
  • An introduction for each volume


General Editors:
Vol. 1 — Introjection and Transference & Other Writings (1908-1912) — Franco BORGOGNO & Gabriele CASSULLO
Vol. 2 — The Development of the Sense of Reality & Other Writings (1913-1918) — Marco CONCI & Galina HRISTEVA
Vol. 3 — The Dream of the Wise Baby & Other Writings (1919-1923) — Daniel KUPERMANN & Agnieszka SOBOLEWSKA
Vol. 4 — Developmental Aims of Psychoanalysis & Thalassa (1924) — Adrienne HARRIS & Judit SZEKACS-WEISZ
Vol. 5 — The Elasticity of Psychoanalytic Technique & Other Writings (1925-1929) — Giselle GALDI & Aleksandar DIMITRIJEVIC
Vol. 6 — Confusion of Tongues between Adults and the Child & Other Writings (1930-1933) — Antal BÓKAY & Julia BOROSSA
Vol. 9 — Clinical Diary (1932) — B. William BRENNAN & Luis Martin CABRÉ
Vol. 8 — Miscellaneous Writings — Carlo BONOMI & Melinda FRIEDRICH

Schedule of publication:

Volume 1 will be published by the end of 2023 or beginning of 2024. The ensuing volumes will be published in chronological order.


Editors’ contributions are on a voluntary basis. Only translators will be paid. The anticipated cost of the editorial project is Euro 100.000, to be annually revised according to actual expenses.

  • Digitization of unpublished and published works
  • Translations
  • Administrative expenses
  • A contribution to Phoenix to defray the printing costs of a high quality hardback edition
  • Copyright permission (Clinical Diary)
  • Copyediting


Honorary Committee

Salman AKHTAR, Rosemary BALSAM, Emanuel BERMAN, Stefano BOLOGNINI, Judith DUPONT, Haydée FAIMBERG, Axel HOFFER, Elisabeth ROUDINESCO, Pierre SABOURIN, Carol SEIGEL, Jonathan SKLAR

Target and Duration

Euro 100.000 to be collected in 5 years, starting January 1, 2022.


International Sándor Ferenczi Network (Piazza Massimo D’Azeglio 45, 50121 Firenze, Italy) directly or through affiliated member societies.


A yearly report of the collected funds, expenses, and update of the budget will be published in the member area of the ISFN website.

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Donations can be made through PayPal or by Credit Card on our donations page, or by bank transfer. If you would like to make a larger donation, or proceed with a bank transfer, please contact us via email at


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