2016 Gradiva Award for Edited Book

Adrienne Harris & Steven Kuchuck (Eds.) (2015)

The Legacy of Sándor Ferenczi: From Ghost to Ancestor
Published by Routledge


Judit Mészáros: Ferenczi in Our Contemporary World
Carlo Bonomi: The Penis on the Trail: Re-reading the Origins of Psychoanalysis with Sándor Ferenczi
André Haynal and Véronique D. Haynal: Ferenczi’s Attitude
B. William Brennan: Out of the Archive/Unto the Couch: Clara Thompson’s Analysis with Ferenczi
Christopher Fortune: Georg Groddeck’s Influence on Sándor Ferenczi
Elizabeth Severn: Sándor Ferenczi’s Analysand and Collaborator in the Study and Treatment of Trauma
Adrienne Harris: Ferenczi’s Work on War Neuroses
Peter L. Rudnytsky: The Other Side of the Story: Severn on Ferenczi and Mutual Analysis
Lewis Aron and Karen Star: Freud and Ferenczi: Wandering Jews in Palermo
Franco Borgogno: Ferenczi, the “Introjective Analyst”
Galit Atlas: Confusion of Tongues: Trauma and Playfulness
Jay Frankel: The Persistent Sense of Being Bad: The Moral Dimension of Identification with the Aggressor
Steven Kuchuck: On the Therapeutic Action of Love and Desire
Anthony Bass: The Dialogue of Unconsciouses, Mutual Analysis, and the Uses of the Self in Contemporary Relational Psychoanalysis
Lewis Kirshner: Ferenczi and Lacan: A Missed Encounter
Eyal Rozmarin: A Second Confusion of Tongues: Ferenczi, Laplanche, and Social Life
Haydée Christinne Kahtuni: Some Preventive Considerations about Ferenczi’s Ideas Regarding Trauma and Analytic Experience

2015 Distinguished Psychoanalytic Educators Award

Giselle Galdi

We are pleased to announce that Giselle Galdi, PhD, the Editor in chief of the ISFN website is the recipient of the 2015 Distinguished Psychoanalytic Educators Award for outstanding contributions to education of students and candidates in academic and clinical settings. Dr. Galdi was presented with the award at the International Forum for Psychoanalytic Education’s 26th Annual Conference.