March 2021

Éva Brabant-Gerö

We announce with great sadness the passing of our friend and colleague, Éva Brabant-Gerö, editor of Le Coq Héron.
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February 2020

Ferenc Erős

The members and Board of the International Sándor Ferenczi Network mourn the passing of our dear colleague and friend Ferenc Erős.
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November 2019

André Haynal

It is with great sadness that we share the news on the passing away of Professor André Haynal, father of the Ferenczi Renaissance and honorary member of the ISFN.
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February 2019

Lewis Aron

On Thursday February 28, 2019, our dear colleague and friend and leader and brave man, Lewis Aron died in New York City.
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May 2018

Jeremy Safran

With great sadness we send you the terrible news of the sudden and tragic death of our colleague Jeremy Safran.
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November 2015

John Forrester

La disparition de John Forrester
Nous avons la tristesse de vous annoncer la mort de John Forrester, éminent historien de la psychanalyse.
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