Special Ferenczi Inspired Conferences and Meeting

Présence de Sándor Ferenczi

2014, Paris, France
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Sincerity and Freedom. Conference Inspired by Ferenczi’s Clinical Diary

2013, Freud Museum, London, UK

Ferenczi Comes Home

2008, Miskolc, Hungary

Ferenczi and contemporary psychoanalysis

2005, Firenze, Italy
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Conferenczi/Hungarian Psychoanalytic Ideas Revisited

2004, London, UK
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Why Did You Let It Be So? The Role of the Third One in the Development of Psychic Trauma

2004, Budapest, Hungary

Ferenczi exhibition cooperating with the Sándor Ferenczi Society

2002, Torino, Italy
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La catastrofe e i suoi simboli. Il contributo di Sándor Ferenczi alla storia della psicoanalisi

1999, Firenze, Italy
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