14th International Sándor Ferenczi Conference

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Psychoanalysis Between Catastrophe and Creation: Emerging Perspectives

The 14th International Sándor Ferenczi will take place in São Paulo, Brazil, on May 29 – June 1, 2024.

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Previous Announcements

Announcement, April 2020

We want to communicate our solidarity with our Members, the Ferenczi community and all visitors of this website, as we continue to monitor the impacts of pandemic of COVID-19. We are in this together and we want you to be informed about the evolving plans of the ISFN.

We are postponing the 2021 International Ferenczi Conference in São Paolo, Brazil.

We hope to offer our next Conference in the spring/fall of 2022. We are grateful to our Brazilian Colleagues who have been hard at work planning the upcoming conference. We will be communicating with you as plans unfold, and we look forward to meeting you in person when the time is right.

We come from many different cultures and communities, different political and economic situations, all tested and stretched to extreme places. We are aware of people working on the front lines handling and containing this virus. We will all know people who are ill or dying, who are frightened and reacting to trauma and unknown outcomes.

We remember that Ferenczi, in whose spirit and memory we developed this organization, was attentive to trauma, to the social dimension of traumatic experience. And we hope to function in his spirit.

We are hoping to create and sustain an ongoing environment of concern and solidarity and mutual help and support with the help of our website. In addition, each ISFN member will be contacted and we promise to stay in touch.

The Board of the International Sándor Ferenczi Network

The Clinical and the Political: Ferenczi in the Time of Trauma

May 13-16, 2021
Maksoud Plaza Hotel, São Paulo, Brazil

2021 -14th International Sandor Ferenczi Conference

Upcoming Pre-Conference Events

In preparation for the 14th International Sándor Ferenczi Conference, a series of pre-events are being held in Brazil until 2021.

All members of ISFN are invited for the next pre-events planned for 2020:

Postponed – A Elasticidade na Escuta do Mais Além. (previously scheduled for June 5-6, 2020)

Porto Alegre, Brazil
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Past Pre-Conference Events

February 28-29, 2020 – Fragmentations

Lisbon, Portugal
Confirmed Speakers: Carlo Bonomi, Judit Mészáros, Daniel Kupermann, Endre Koritar, Luis Martin Cabré, Jô Gondar, Gianni Guasto, Teresa Pinheiro, João Mendes Ferreira, Conceição Tavares de Almeida, Eugênio Canesin Dal Molin, Csongor Juhos, Jorge Câmara, Julio Vertzman, Teresa Abreu, Patricia Câmara, Felicia Knobloch.
Organizing Commitee: Csongor Juhos (ISFN, SPP), Felicia Knobloch (ISFN, GBPSF), Jorge Câmara (ISFN, SPP) e Teresa Abreu (ISFN, SPP).

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June 7-8, 2019 – Soltar as linguas na Psicanálise

We had the 1st gathering of Grupo Brasileiro de Pesquisas Sándor Ferenczi, our ISFN’s member from Brazil, June 7 and 8, at University of São Paulo and Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo. The event was organized by members of the group that are also professors or researchers in these universities.

The event was free and intended to present the Brazilian Group to the local psychoanalytic community, to call attention to Ferenczi’s ideas, and to initiate the executive organizing work for the 2021 Conference. More than 200 colleagues attended.

Organizing Commitee: Adriana B. Pereira, Bartholomeu Vieira, Bruna Zerbinatti, Daniel Kupermann, Denise Goldfajn, Elisa Cintra, Eugênio Canesin Dal Molin, Jô Gondar, Marina Ribeiro, Nelson Coelho Junior, Paula Peron and Renato Mezan.

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The encounter was broadcast live on YouTube:
June 7, 2019

June 8, 2019

November 1-2, 2019 – Ferenczi: A clínica nos confins.

The 2nd gathering of GBPSF took place in Rio de Janeiro, November 1-2, 2019.

Organizing Commitee: Bartholomeu Vieira, Daniel Kupermann, Daniela Barbuto Romão, Eliana Schueler Reis, Eugênio Canesin Dal Molin, Fernanda Pacheco Ferreira, Hélia Borges, Jô Gondar, Julio Verztman and Regina Herzog.

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