Become a Member

ISFN is a non-profit organization registered in Italy and governed by Italian law.

Membership can be acquired either through a Member Society or by becoming an Individual Member. Registered members will be provided with access to the restricted section of this website.

Download the ISFN Statute (PDF)

Download the ISFN Membership Regulations (PDF)

Become a Member Society

ISFN promotes the creation of local Ferenczi societies. The application to become a Member Society has to include: a) a brief description of the organization and b) a list of its members. The application should be sent to the ISFN President and will be evaluated by the Board of Directors.

The individual members of a Member Society become members of the Network automatically and do not have to pay an individual fee on top of their Member Society’s fee, which is determined by each society.

Become an Individual Member

ISFN Membership Process

Step 1

Application – To become an Individual Member of the ISFN please fill out an application for your chosen type of membership (see below) and provide your sensitive data via SMS (text) message as requested in the application.

Step 2

Create a User Account and Pay for Your Membership – 1-2 weeks after application you will receive an email with detailed instructions for creating your website user account and processing payment for your membership in the ISFN. Payment may be made online via PayPal or, if you prefer, instructions may be requested from ISFN administration for payment via bank transfer.

Step 3

Accessing the ISFN Member’s Area – The username and password created when setting up your ISFN user account will provide you login access to the ISFN Member’s Area within 72 hours after your membership fee payment has been processed.

Available Individual Memberships:

Individual Membership, Fee: €30 /year

Supporter Individual Membership, Fee (to support 2 student members): €60 /year

Supported Student Membership, Fee: €15 /year for 2 years