Become a Member, Supporter Individual Application

Please note: the following process is for application to the ISFN only. If you have previously submitted an application form with your sensitive data and are either awaiting membership approval or you have been sent approval and are seeking to make payment for your member registration, please contact the ISFN at for further instruction. It is not necessary to complete the application process more than once.

To submit your new application to the ISFN, please complete the following two steps:

Step 1: Submit Your Sensitive Data

To fulfill the requirements of law for our organization the ISFN must collect some required personal information from each member. To protect the security of your sensitive personal information we do not store it on our website and will only accept this information via secure online form, SMS (text) message or by email. Please note: your application will not be valid unless this information is received.

Please complete the online form accessed by clicking this button:

OR, please send your data via SMS (text) message to the cell phone number +39 328 7958535 OR send your data to the ISFN via email right now. Be sure to include your name and the following sensitive data in your message/email:
Full Name; Address; City; Nation; ZIP/Postal code; Date of birth (DAY.MONTH.YEAR); Place of birth; Nation of birth.

When you have finished sending the required information please proceed with your application by completing Step 2 below.

Step 2: Complete the Application Form

    Sensitive data:
    If you have not yet sent your sensitive data via the form link, SMS message or email as described above, please do so now and then proceed with the completion of this application.

    I have sent my sensitive data via the Member Information form.I have sent my sensitive data via SMS message.I have sent my sensitive data via email.

    All members must agree to the following privacy permissions:

    Please indicate your agreement and understanding of the following statement: